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New Products Coming

We have more products coming to the market early 2022.

Our testers are thrashing them so we know that they are going to stand the test of time and be the best quality we can provide.

Windrift - Wind Indicator

Windrift is a wind indication powder designed for hunters, by hunters. 

Upon dispersion a white scent free cloud is visible. The wind takes the cloud in the direction it is blowing.  Giving hunters a clear view of what the wind is doing.

Want to check the wind frequently as the hunt evolves.  No problem with Windrift!


A single hunter exhales 10,000 litres of HUMAN scent everyday, no amount of kit or skill will help you if your prey picks up your scent.


Your environment around you can affect the wind direction.

Heat, cold, terrain, creeks and shade to name a few.  Its therefore important to keep checking wind direction.


Animals use 3 senses predominantly.

Sight, sound and smell. Smell is the unseen threat that gives away most hunters.


Tested Windrift's product out last week, it's lightweight, compact and easy to use. A very handy tool when you are trying to outsmart those deer and remain undetected without the wind giving you away.

Nice work!

Caitlin - Galatea, NZ

A neat little addition to my hunting kit. Nice and lightweight, I've got my one in a pocket on my bino harness, perfect for quick access. Top job on this product Windrift!!

Tommy and Jess - Hawkes Bay, NZ

Windrift has been a seriously valuable addition to my hunting arsenal! Since losing my last bottle of wind indicator on the hill a while back I forgot how much I used it and was super excited to hear of Windrifts inception.

I really like the design of their bottle, it fits easily into the pocket on my bino harness for quick access and is easy enough to use one handed. It sure as heck beats the old grass in the air trick or flicking a lighter when youre trying to minimise noise and movement. A truly relevant product to all hunters, new or experienced. Save your dollars on camo clothing and buy this first!!

Kate Bryant - NZ

Great wee tool to have in your pocket on those still evenings. My partner used it on his last Chamois hunting trip and he reckons it what helped him sneak up on and knock over his 8.5 inch buck.

Lucy-Jaine - Wanaka, NZ